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We offer a unique bouquet of services, tailor-made for the unique requirements of a startup or an entrepreneur. Most startups and entrepreneurs have a strong need for skills and capabilities which are complementary to their own. With our experience in management, finance, strategy, marketing, and development, Total pro startup consultants can review your business plan, compare it with your goals, and tweak it or suggest ways to improve your chances for success. We help you create a fully fledged business plan, conduct research in your targeted market sector to address unanswered issues, and gauge the resources you need—time, expertise, and people as well as money—to go to market.

“ Total pro ” Start-up advisory Consultants are on Up work and have varied skill sets and diverse backgrounds in the business world, that enable them to bring a fresh objectives and point of view to lay the strong foundation for success.

“ Total pro ” Startup Consultants work collaboratively with startup companies, applying expertise and offering guidance in all aspects of building a business—from formulating strategy and business models, to crafting value propositions and smart pricing, to name a few. Our work is influencing the strategies, products, and success stories of startups across a wide range of industries.

Services we offer


Our specialist start-up consultants from various industries expertise, work hard to create much needed foundation with required fertilisers (i.e. Analysis, Research, Planning, Strategy etc.) to build your dearm in to reality.


Analysis of the Idea with respect to Reality is one of the challenging job to do. It’s just not playing with the data, that’s required human behavior analysis too, to achieve business success. RipplesIndia’s expert Business analyst know how of identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems. Although there are different role definitions, depending upon the organization, there does seem to be an area of common ground where most Business Analysts work.


Entrepreneurs and business managers are often so preoccupied with immediate issues that they lose sight of their ultimate objectives. That's why a business review or preparation of a strategic plan is a virtual necessity. This may not be a recipe for success, but without it a business is much more likely to fail. A sound business plan & strategy should:

  • Serve as a framework for decisions or for securing support/approval.
  • Provide a basis for more detailed planning.
  • Explain the business to others in order to inform, motivate & involve.
  • Assist benchmarking & performance monitoring.
  • Stimulate change and become building block for next plan.


Most important tool of strategic business decisions. Market Research information includes but is not limited to data on your customers' needs, your competitors' abilities and trends within the industry. Gathering research actual data is critical, even if you're working on a shoestring budget.


No matter what type of business you lead, we can help you find and evaluate your sales channel options for existing and new markets and help you with as much of the implementation as you need to optimize growth. Sales channel development particularly with a new region, product or market entry should be carefully considered to optimize business results, and we can help.


Business development (BD) comprises a number of tasks and processes generally aiming at developing and implementing growth opportunities within and between organizations. It is a subset of the fields of business, commerce and organizational theory.


if you are not on web you lost the battle already, every organisation has to have corporate identity and strong website. It articulates the corporate ethos, aims and values and presents a sense of individuality that can help to differentiate the organisation within its competitive environment. When well managed, corporate identity can be a powerful means of integrating the many disciplines and activities essential to an organization’s success. It can also provide the visual cohesion necessary to ensure that all corporate communications are coherent with each other and result in an image consistent with the organisation’s ethos and character.

Total pro technology and creative team has done a tremendous work experience from design to develop. We will make to you visible on Social Media too.


Support Services of Business means services provided in relation to business and includes evaluation of prospective customers, telemarketing, processing of purchase orders and fulfillment services, information and tracking of delivery schedules, managing distribution and logistics, customer relationship management services, accounting and processing of transactions, operational assistance for marketing, formulation of customer service and pricing policies, infrastructural support services and other transaction processing.