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IPO Services

Undertaking an initial public offering can catapult your company to the next level – yet windows of opportunity open and close quickly. PwC can help you leverage the right insights to make the right moves – at the right times.

Access the capital that will fuel your future

If you’re considering taking your company public, this monumental decision will truly transform the way you are currently doing business. While a public company faces greater public scrutiny and regulations, it also secures access to more, and often deeper, sources of capital. How do you get there? And how do you know if it’s the right path to capital for you?

Our dedicated team of professionals specializing in IPOs can advise you as you think through the additional requirements and continuing obligations in advance, and can develop an appropriate plan to help ensure you’re able to own success at every turn.

Total pro clear framework for going public and being public builds on your organization’s strengths and looks beyond the complexity of the IPO itself to make certain that everyday execution moves in lockstep with the broader strategy.

Total pro IPO services bring together an integrated set of capabilities to help you as you prepare your company for the public markets.

Timeline for becoming a public company

Some say practice makes perfect – and we agree. Our capital markets experience across industries around the world has made finding and moving towards new sources of capital second nature to us – particularly for an IPO. We know from experience that companies need time to transform their practices internally and move the organization into a public company mindset.

If you are thinking about being public in the next 1-2 years, it’s time to get started.

IPO readiness approach

It’s easy to underestimate the amount of time and capital required to bring your company up to public standards. PwC can guide you through a thorough assessment of where your company currently stands and then properly assess and identify gaps in your company’s preparedness.

Total pro proprietary IPO Readiness Assessment uses a holistic framework that takes an in-depth look at your company and the sector in which you operate. We’ll identify your company’s position in the market, your equity strategy, potential issues in your going public process, as well as the potential challenges of operating as a public company.

We support CEOs, CFOs, controllers and treasurers to optimise the structure of their finance functions to improve their contribution to the business. We structure our support to ensure that finance addresses the challenges of achieving appropriate standards of control, efficient back office opportunities and support to the business through insight and challenge.

These three competing priorities will continue to be the challenge for the finance function.

  • Maintaining compliance and control: Being accountable to the business and to the financial community, CFOs have put compliance and control high on the agenda. For many, responses have been tactical rather than strategic. More deeply embedded and sustainable solutions are now required. Flexibility to response to future regulatory change is also increasingly important.
  • Driving efficiency: The pressure to release money, resources and capacity has never been greater. Gains may come from the elimination of redundant activities, consolidations of activities (for example, through shared services), standardisation and automation of processes. These steps have in some instances resulted in cost savings in excess of 50%.
  • Providing insight and challenge: Insight takes different forms in different organisations. It involves delivery of an effective performance management framework, understanding the key business drivers and challenging and supporting business decisions around these drivers. Equipping finance to deliver effective support on these aspects requires tools and capabilities which are often new to the function.

Balancing the tension of these demands means keeping an eye on the details and the other on how to realise the vision.

    We can help if:

  • You are concerned about what governance standards you need to establish to align finance with the business.
  • You are seeking to reduce the costs and improve the efficiency of the finance function.
  • You are trying to align finance with the business to provide an effective performance management and challenge mechanism.
  • You are concerned about having the appropriate balance of controls and that they are not constraining the business.
  • You are encountering more challenges than expected in setting up shared service and outsourcing arrangements and are keen to ensure sustainable benefits.
  • You want to recognise change as the "normal" state and want to explore how to embed change capabilities into your finance organisation.
  • You want to explore a vision for finance.